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VSE Aviation GmbH is a BendixKing Authorized Distributor for a wide range of avionics, flight controls, displays and installation kits. We stock most items for immediate shipment from our warehouse near Frankfurt, Germany.

We are authorized, along with our Singapore location, for distribution to many countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas as described below. We continue to add countries, so be sure to check back often for updates.

Available inventory can be found and RFQ's placed using parts search or by contacting VSE Aviation GmbH Sales

Civil Aviation Authority Accreditations
EASA Authorized Facility (Europe)
EASA Certification

FAA Approved Repair Station (USA)

FAA Certified

Transport Canada

Transport Canada Approved
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As a member of the VSE Aviation, Inc. family of companies, you can have confidence that we will be here for years to come to service your engine and keep you flying.

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Customer Sales & Service

Our customers are our top priority. When we service an engine at any location in the world, our goal is simple: provide the highest level of craftsmanship, customer service, and value so that VSE Aviation GmbH will be a trusted service provider for all phases of the engine's life cycle.

International:   +49 6139 293 7896

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