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Aviation Terminology

Airframe - Structure of an aircraft

AOG - Aircraft on the ground

Bleed Valve - A part that prevents compressor stalls at low engine speeds

Borescope - A straight tube telescope used to visually inspect the insides of an engine

Core - The original part or engine that a customer is having replaced

DER - Designated engineering representative

EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency

Exchange - Interchange of same type or value

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

Field Service - A team travelling to locations around the globe to assist customers

FOD - Foreign object damage

Fuel Exchange Kits - Interchange of overhauled and certified set of nozzles

Fuel Nozzle Set - Set of 14 Fuel Adapter Assemblies consisting of a combination of Primary, Secondary and Inlet, used to introduce fuel as needed into the engine for combustion.

Hot Section - Consists of the compressor turbine disc, compressor turbine blades, vane ring, small exit duct, shroud housing, compressor turbine shrouds and large exit duct and combustion liner

Lightning Strike - When an aircraft has been struck by lightning

MIO - Metal in Oil

MRO - Maintenance Repair Organization

MRT - Mobile Response Team

Off Wing - When engine is removed from the airframe

On Wing - The state of the engine when attached on airframe

Overhaul - The process of restoring and maintaining the part or engine to a serviceable condition

Pratt & Whitney Canada - Designer and manufacturer of the PT6A engine

Prop Strike - When a prop makes contact with any object

PW100 - The PW100 turboprop engine is the engine of choice for modern 30-90 passenger airliners

Quick Engine Kit (QEC) - A QEC Kit is a collection of components and accessories installed onto a bare engine to speed the eventual installation of the entire power plant onto an aircraft

Sudden Stoppage - The sudden loss of thrust to the engine compressor

TAT - Turn-around time

Technicians - Personnel with years of specialized training on the PW100 engine

Transport Canada - The government aviation and transportation certification authority for the nation of Canada.

Turboprop - Type of turbine engine which drives an aircraft propeller using a reduction gear

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Transport Canada (Canada)
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As a member of the VSE Aviation, Inc. family of companies, you can have confidence that we will be here for years to come to service your engine and keep you flying.

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Our customers are our top priority. When we service an engine at any location in the world, our goal is simple: provide the highest level of craftsmanship, customer service, and value so that VSE Aviation GmbH will be a trusted service provider for all phases of the engine's life cycle.

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